Review Management

90% of customers read online reviews before visiting…

We will set up a system to pull in great reviews while helping you deal with negatives before they go online.

Do you have enough reviews online?

88% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation

Simplifying Review Generation and Reputation Management.

What are online reveiws good for?
Customer Trust
Creating Leads Online
Making Your Phone Ring… Lot more…

Get More Great Reviews On Autopilot

The biggest reason most businesses do not have many reviews is because it is complicated and they are busy. After we set up the process it is simple to direct happy customers to the places they need to go to leave 5-star reviews. Happy customers usually do not go the extra mile but unhappy customers do.

Let’s make it easy for happy customers.

Stop Negative Reviews Before They Happen

Unhappy customers are the most vocal and one or two bad reviews can tank your average and deter future customers. Our process is asking for customer satisfaction as soon as possible and unhappy customers are able to send you a message directly instead of having the fast track to online reviews like the happy customers get.

More Positive Reviews = More Leads & Clients

Which would you call?
The top-ranking business on Google with no reviews.
The second or third result with lots of great reviews.

We would all call the second one! Reviews are one of the few places where you can beat out competition that has better results on search engines. Not to mention more positive reviews help out your SEO so you will climb up the rankings.

Keep Fresh Reviews Coming In

The next thing customers look at after the star rating is how recent the reviews are. If the last good review is over a year old it is not as effective.

Since we simplify the review process it is much easier to get a constant flow of reviews coming in.

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Building websites since 2014 Garrett has been focusing on website designs that convert visitors into sales, SEO, and content marketing.

Simplifying local and small business websites while offering marketing strategy and services the get you showing up on search engines, converting more leads, and bringing in more repeat customers.

Garrett lives in Arroyo Grande. You might find him in a local coffee shop building sites, riding bikes around the village with his 2 daughters and wife, or hiking through James Way Trail.



I highly recommend Garrett and Right Oaks. They have a unique flair for design and knows how to listen to the needs and wants of clients. He helped define our focus and put our best foot forward.

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You can automate new testimonials to display on your website. The most recent good reviews will always show up.

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